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Here at Re-Konekt, we do more than fix your cell phones. Our services extend to all things that keep our customers connected, entertained, and productive, such as computers. We offer a big selection of computer repair services for different desktop and laptop brands because we know they’re important to you.

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Not everyone’s a computer whiz. That’s why we’re open to diagnosing your computer for issues. Our technicians will run tests and hardware inspections to determine what service your computer needs. You can choose to have the service done on the spot.

Battery Replacement

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Camera Replacement

Charging Port Repair


Ear Piece Replacement

Home Button Replacement

Screen Repair

Speaker Replacement

Water Damage Repair

& Much More!

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Save $10 by booking your repair with us today! Tell us what computer you have, the issues you’re having with it, and we’ve got the fixing covered for you here at Re-Konekt. Choose from our 4 FL stores for your computer or laptop repair.

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